First and foremost, submitting and inquiry helps us understand a little bit more about you and your business, and your goals. 
It also allows us to get a sense of your budget, so we can have an idea of what we can offer to maximize every dollar.

2. We're a fit! Schedule a call/meeting

You like what you see, and your inquiry falls within what we offer. The next step is to schedule a meeting or call - whichever
you're most comfortable with! This will allow us to further talk about your needs and brainstorm some preliminary
ideas. Our aim is to get a sense of your style and vision, and make sure we understand you and your business!

3. PRe-design | pre-production

Now the fun begins. Whether we're designing a new website, new logo, or photos/video material (or all of the above),
this is the part where we gather ideas and inspirations. Be it moodboards, video storyboards, or anything else - the creative
process begins. Just keep in mind-this is a collaborative effort, where we exchange ideas and settle on a final idea that fits
YOUR business. For photo and video-this is where we also schedule a shoot day.

4. design + PRODUCTION

It's time to put the design pieces together! If you're doing a website and logo, we'll work on putting together our inspirations,
typography, and color schemes. If you're also adding on video and photo, this is the time we'll film and edit to create killer
content for your social and the new website.

5. It's launch time!

Now we launch. We send over any final locked materials (logo, photos, videos) via DropBox, and we launch the locked website.
If you opt for a SquareSpace training session, we'll schedule that at this time also.