Chapter Unknown


Growing can be painful, but it is more painful to stagnate . Lately, I’ve found myself reminiscing of the past, thinking “those were the days.” Worry free, bill free, rent free, you catch my drift. Back then everything seemed simpler. So what’s the culprit for my nostalgic feels lately? About two weeks ago my girlfriend and I moved out of our first apartment. It was a one bedroom apartment on a block with scarce parking. I didn’t think I was going to miss it when we left but the last day I was there, I started getting all these flashbacks of all the good times and bad that we had in there. Before shutting the door for the very last time, I took on last look of the empty apartment just scanning across. Staring at an empty living room where I watched countless hours of tv with friends and family, and seeing an empty room where Benji our dog would always lie down seemed so strange. There was no kitchen table where I cut my tiny ice cream cake that my girlfriend bought me for my 27th birthday. It seemed like just yesterday we were moving in, starting a new chapter in our lives. Now, in what seemed like a blink of an eye, we were moving out. That moment served as a reminder that nothing is forever, nothing is permanent. It was a reminder that life moves pretty fast and that we should enjoy each day, and be grateful of even the smallest of things. Maybe in the not too distant future I will thinking to myself that today, and days like today, were the “good old days.” As I closed the door of our apartment, I felt as if a chapter of my life had just ended; one of a certain unknown number of chapters that have yet to be written.  

-DP out 

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