Family Bonding


Everyone always says that family bonds are some of the strongest you’ll have and for me, it is particularly true. I’ve always been very close to my family and value my time with them very much.

Although I am lucky to be surrounded by family now, there are a few where reuniting is a challenge due to distance. So far this month I’ve been blessed enough to experience a few special occasions of family bonding that have reenergized my spirit.

First, my little cousin who lives in Utah came to Chicago for Lollapalooza. Although I haven’t really connected with her much, i made the effort to take her out, show her around town, and get to know more about her. I couldn’t believe that i was barely learning her story at her age of 22. Part of me felt bad for the time lost, but part of me felt happy that this even happened at all.

Second, my uncle from Mexico came into town and I also went out of my way to ensure he felt welcomed. I made the effort to know more about his story and make the most out of his visit. I was surprised at the depth of conversation that could result by just asking questions.

Third and most importantly, I took a weekend trip to Nebraska to visit more family and had the time of my life. Catching up with family that I rarely get to see and learning more about their day to day was a true blessing.

So you may ask- what’s the lesson or takeaway from all of this? For me it’s simple. Sometimes as adults we say it’s harder to find friends and special bonds; but sometimes all it takes is strengthening the bonds that are apparent since birth: family bonds.

-Alexis Tolentino

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