Viajando Ando (Traveling I Go)


“I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.”

— Mary Anne Radmacher

Before I started working at Mirar I always dreamt of traveling, meeting new places, meeting

new people and just see something different. What started as a dream slowly started to

become a reality. I never thought meeting Philipe and him giving me the chance to be part of

Mirar would take me to places. Just like me Philipe also had the same dream of taking his

company to new places. I been with Mirar for almost 7 years now and I can say that my first

journey in the company was being part of it.

Slowly we started going to new states for new projects. And that’s when part of my journey

began. Meeting new cities and people have thought me that there’s a beautiful life out there. I

have travel to different cities and document stories of people, from doctors to families that

have lost a love one. And what I find interesting is that every city has people in it with a story,

just like every city has a story. I have visited almost 20 states, and 32 cities more or less with in

them states. I remember people would describe me a place, or a beach, or a dish from other

city and I would just imagine it, but now I can say I am the person describing places, music,

dishes, beaches to other people because I have seen them and experience them. Every city has

their own thing, that’s what makes them special, and this has taught me that us as humans, we

have our own thing that makes us special as well. I believe all of us at least we should take

some time off from our routine and travel to a new place doesn’t matter where and just dive in

to learn something new, that my friends will make us feel humans. Create and experience

sometimes they are free but sometimes we have to pay for them and believe me they’ll be

worth it.

Sometimes we don’t need to leave or state to see the beauty of this world. Sometimes all we

have to do is explore our own neighborhood. I can say that I am very blessed and so thankful

with my job. My job has giving me the opportunity to meet all of these places, meet of all these

awesome people. At the moment is here in the States but I know soon I will be exploring new

continents :)

Currently Reading: I am currently started to read “El Peregrino” by Paulo Coelho

Currently on the Docket: At the moment I am in vacation mode, but as soon I go back to the

office I will work on some edits that need to be done.