Changing the Outcome


“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you
can start where you are and change the ending” 

- C.S. Lewis

Ever had a bad day or week? A meeting that you wished went a bit better, or something you wished you would’ve done differently with a project? It happens to all of us. For me personally, a negative or disappointing experience can have a lasting impact, putting me in a “funk” for the rest of the day or even the week. It’s sometimes hard for me to shake off.

I think C.S. Lewis’ quote can be applied to these situations. Staying the mindset of “wishing x thing would’ve done different” is pretty unhealthy, and can cause a negative chain reaction of undesired events. You can’t go back and change a situation, but you CAN start where you are and change the outcome. Instead of being disappointed and doing nothing about something you’re not feeling great about, you can start where you are and change the result. Instead of dwelling on a bad experience - think about what you learned, and apply it for next time. It’s never too late for positive change! #makeitmatter

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Currently on the Docket: Just signed on 2 more website clients. Also getting ready for a project with Abbott - filming ESPGHAN in Glasgow next month.
Favorite Brand: Vitamix. I’ve been making smoothies, acai bowls, sauces, etc. a lot lately, and this blender is a beast! I’ve had it for years now.