Batallas de Rap (rap battles)

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I never thought there was a world out there full of people with the ability to come up with phrases and rhymes in less then 10 seconds to respond to their opponents or just freestyle about objects, or a random theme, it is something unbelievable! 

I been watching and following rap battles I will say for over 4 years now. I knew there were people who knew how to rap and freestyle, but I never cared about it. One night I couldn’t sleep so I just went wondering around on youtube and a rap battle came on my suggestions so I pressed on the video and started watching some guys “freestyling” and battling against each other and I found it kinda interesting that I watched another video and then another video and another video. Time passed so I started following some Latin-American Freestyle tournaments (all of these battles I watch are in Spanish). I started learning more about some freestylers, about countries that participate in some of these tournaments and it is so interesting and amazing to see all of these great freestylers battle against one another. There are tournaments every year that I am always pumped to see. Pangea, BDM (batalla de maestros), FMS (freestyle master series) God Level and the most important one Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos. In all of these tournaments freestylers from different countries come and participate and show why they are representing their countries. They are from all over the place, countries like Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, and of course my lovely Mexico! 

In these battles the organizations make sure to come up with themes on the spot so these freestylers have to freestyle, come up with rhymes and attack their opponents. At the end the freestyler that takes the win is the one who stays in the beat, create amazing rhymes about the object or theme that has given to them, the audience plays an important role in these battles because if a freestyler comes up with a great rhyme the whole audience goes nuts! LOL!

What I found super interesting is the ability and how creatives they can get is just something unbelievable. Us humans are create with amazing abilities to do things, freestyle is a whole different world, a lot of us might think just because they freestyle and seem like people from the streets are not creative, but I invite you to check out some the things some freestylers can do with words, it will blow your mind! 

And a big shout-out to my favorite freestyler Mau el Aczino Hernandez

I will leave some of the links where you can find some of the best battles I have enjoyed (they are all in Spanish my apologies)

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