Traveling + New Experiences


If you want to have a thoughtful and fully immersive conversation with someone, ask them about their vacation.


I don’t remember where I read that, so I’ll just take credit. All jokes aside, I do find this to be true. People love talking about their vacations, and all the new things they experienced. Working at Mirar gives us the opportunity to experience new things almost every other month. This past week we traveled to Maryland for a gig. One of the days we were there, our recently made friend hosted a seafood dinner. Mike, a true crab connoisseur; taught us how to properly cut open a crab to maximize the amount of meat we can extract and consume. Traveling releases us from patterns; it makes us.

Favorite Brand: I’ve always liked Adidas. Their logo is classic and globally recognized. Adidas does a great job as far as advertising goes, especially with their Instagram. Although the brand came from controversial beginnings, today it has evolved and has become a staple in modern fashion. 

Currently Reading: I am currently looking for my next read. If any of you have any recommendations, feel free to send some over. I tend to enjoy non fiction, history, biographies, etc. 

Currently on the Docket: For the past couple of weeks, Alex and I have been following one of our clients around the US, filming testimonials for them. We started in the east coast, then headed to the midwest, and we are currently in the west coast, in California.