Life In My 20’s


When I was a teenager, I remember saying "I can not wait to be in my 20s".

I am the youngest brother, and looking at the lives of my brothers, the things they could do - it gave me more reasons to be in my 20s. Just to think that I would have access to places where one needs to be 21, plan trips where I’d be the one responsible for myself. Have a job so I could buy things that I desired to have. Seeing myself in the 20’s was one the things I was looking forward to. 

When I turned 21, I remember feeling super excited, I was going to experience the freedom and responsibility that I always wanted. I was full of energy, creativity and so many dreams. I did not know what my passion really was, I just knew that I wanted to be in an environment where I could be creative, travel to places and help people. I thought I was ready to experience the best days of my life.

But when the years passed, I began to see life differently. The responsibilities began to grow, and I began to lose track of my dreams. The idea of being in my 20s was not the same way it was when I was a child. I started working in different jobs to just pay bills. I felt I was here in this world just to work. 

After working more the 15 jobs, I realized that I did not want to be jumping from one job to another. I knew I wanted to be in a place where I could be creative and have fun doing it. My brother (Josel) suggested me to tried working with him at Mirar. So without a hesitation, I gave it a try. 

Now I’ve been working with Mirar for 5 years. It's not just one of the longest job I ever had, but one of the only jobs that gave me the opportunity to grow creatively and as a person. I have the pleasure to travel and meet new people. And the people I work with, I see them as a family.  

I’m in my late 20’s, and I may still have some struggles in life. But now I see life differently, I don’t think that I am in this world just to work, now I know I have a purpose: I'm here to MAKE THINGS MATTER.        

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