Everything is Illuminated

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There are times that words and images simply do no justice to a moment. We’re happy we have them, because - as our memories fade - they are the closest things we can draw from. 

That inside joke that had us in tears, the taste of the wine that magically heightened our senses, the smell of the fireworks as the entire village danced, a DJ that was at his peak. Each day that passes, the details become blurrier… and…sadly, we forget.

I begin with this because these were the first thoughts that ran through my mind as I tried to write a blog last week about a wedding I covered in Italy and is a thought that has been on my mind since. [Check out that link and get a glimpse of that special weekend and hopefully it, too, jogs a few of your own travel memories you may have forgotten.] 

I know it is self-serving, but it goes without saying that video should always be on your priority list. This may feel like outdated advice, but it isn’t. We encounter many people that simply do not prioritize it. It is a cost cutting service that in the end, they regret. We may live in an age where a camera is an extension of our body, yet, the quality of those fragments do no justice to a memory or story you want re-telling. All too often we simply grab a few seconds of video we can upload to the ‘gram only to then regret it because it isn’t good enough, or more importantly, doesn’t encapsulate what transpired. A video touches on all our senses and when done correctly, is the closest thing we have to a time-machine. 

Currently Reading: “Everything is Illuminated” by Jonathan Safron Foer. I just realized this may be another reason I am reflective on memories and time… thank you Jonathan for the title to my blog. 

Currently on the Docket: We have a busy next few weeks ahead with our annual coverage of the Driehaus Design Initiative, where we have quite a lot of pre-production before the runway show on Friday. Alongside that we have a cross country shoot with Money Mailer in May and ESPGHAN in Scotland in June. Sprinkle in weddings and several other edits, we have a great couple months lined up. 

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