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In the past 2 months, I have been meditating, reading and trying to be a better ME. It is interesting how situations we live in can change and mold our characters. One thing that changed my mind and I noticed that my attitude is becoming better, is just by being grateful. Being grateful for the good things and especially with the bad things. Expressing gratitude to other people not only makes them feel better but deep inside of me makes me feel even better. Every day I try to express gratitude to at least one person, It can be the 711 guy behind the counter just because he sold me a red bull or a driver for not giving me a chance to turn right. Small things like those make my soul feel in peace and even though I am not making a huge change in the world I am making a small change to become a better person and probably making the day of a person that I cross paths with. 

I believe that having a heart full of gratitude can make your days here on earth count, GRATITUDE try it and is FREE. 

Favorite Brand: Nike App, since I been training for the marathon I been using that app to track my runs.

Currently Reading: The Bible, there's so much to read and amazing stories and thanks to this book, it has helped me with what I wrote in my blog.

Currently on the Docket: Preparing myself and the team for our annual The Driehaus Awards for Fashion Excellence