Creating Instagram Stories

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If you ask me what’s my favorite Instagram feature, I’d quickly tell you it’s Instagram Stories. It’s straight to the point, allowing you to take your followers along with you on your daily real-time journey and providing a glimpse of what you eat, drink, see, and the views that are important or most memorable. 

For me, creating Instagram Stories is like taking my work to another level. 

I like my content to look polished and professional, recording with a DSLR camera and editing them in Adobe Premiere. The stories normally last 15 seconds, but I usually create a 1-minute long story that I break up into 4 consecutive pieces. I choose the best clips of any video and try to mix it with good and engaging music to make the stories more meaningful and fun to watch.

Make sure to go watch some of my Instagrams stories I have created. @mirarmediagroup and @mirarweddings Also here are some people I am following who create really great stories.     




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