My Story Behind a Photo

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“In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.”

— Alfred Stieglitz

What makes a photograph great?

I know a lot of photographers, or non photographers have their opinion on what makes a photo great! In my personal opinion I believe, in a photo you can either show true emotions or hide them by fake emotions. Now a days with social media, a lot of us try to show the world what we are experiencing in that moment or at least we try by a photo or a small video. Either a photo can be full of emotions and a story behind it or it can just be another regular coffee photo with a cool design on top of the foam.

Since I started taking photos I always wanted to be that guy snapping photos when no one was awarded I was going to photograph them. Because in that moment you really capture who they really are. So I would say I am more into the documentary style. My background experience as a filmmaker has helped me look for those moments that really matter. I try to capture moments that contain feelings, emotion or a story behind it.

Sometimes I will have to pose my character to snap a photograph that contains a story. How do I do that? One thing that I like to do before I photograph a person, I like to know them as a person, what they like, favorite sport, favorite hobby, etc. etc. And according to that we work together and create a photograph that contains the characters story in it.

So for me what makes a photograph great? I’ll have to say, as long as it has a story behind it, emotions, memories or feelings, is great for me!


Current favorite Brand: Red Dead Redemption 2 (ps4) This game has me hooked and I just can’t believe how technology has advance and every little detail in the game is just unreal!

Currently Reading: At the moment I am looking for something to read, but I been listening a lot of the TED radio hour podcast.

Currently on the docket: The past month an a half I been traveling a lot, so now I have organized footage, sync interviews we did, work with a music school and photograph some of their students.

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