MIM Series: Josel


For the past 3 years I been wanting to run the Chicago marathon. For whatever reason I havenʼt been able to do it. Last November I finally signed up and got accepted. I can say itʼs going to be a ride full of challenges since I havenʼt been active in the running part. I am super excited! A lot of people see this marathon as a big accomplishment, and I want to experience it too.

Current favorite Brand: Adidas has been one of my favorite brands, I just like their style. Specially love their shoes, now that Iʼm going to be running the marathon their running shoes are amazing and super stylish. I been using their running shoes since my first time I joined track and field back in high school, Also I use their soccer shoes and have some casual shoes as well.

Currently Reading: At the moment I am reading a book called “leaders eat last”. This year I really want to be a better leader, in some of our shoots I am in charge of the team and I want to be better in leading them. One of the things I have learned from this book is that leaders make their team feel safe, and by creating a safe zone the team will always be willing to take care of each other and of course take care of you as a leader.

Current Obsession: I been collecting vinyl records, on my b-day I got a “victrola” turntable and I gotta say sitting down and listening a record from beginning to end itʼs been a pretty cool experience. Now a days we have these devices where we can make our playlists and skip songs whenever we feel like it, and itʼs pretty cool donʼt get me wrong but sitting down and putting a record and heard that “vintage” sound coming out of those speakers itʼs a very beautiful experience.

Currently on the docket: This month is full of gigs out of state. Iʼm exciting to travel 4 states in less than a month :) Texas, Georgia, Denver and California.

Happy Monday yʼall!

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