Past, Present, Future


I really love being 35, er 34. I never wanted to go back in time; never relive a specific age or year of my life. Not because they weren’t great. Every year of life has taught me a lot and each memory was pivotal. Yet would I want to go back to be able to experience it again? Nope. There really is nothing like your 30s, in my opinion. It comes with a certain clarity that is not present before. The feeling that, “oh this is what adulting is and I love it.” Family, career, a home… and oh disposable income is really a thing.

So it surprised me when I found the above pic and, I actually, yearned... yes yearned… to relive this moment in time. 

A summer in Spain with my wife just after graduating college. 

Now, I wonder. Is it because it was a really pivotal transition phase. On the one hand you’re closing a part of your life as a student. No more papers. No more juggling 3 jobs to pay off books, rent, and well, life... all while also finding a way to squeeze in all your classes in. Oh, and for me, navigating the first years of marriage. ‘Super easy’, right?.  And on the other side is this abstract adult world that you think you’re ready for... and decide to prepare for by going to Europe for 3 months. You’re so naive.

I may be bringing this up because our team is flying to Granada, Spain in the coming weeks and that may bring back a slew of memories. But what I really think it is, is that it helps me show a trajectory. I’m very goal-oriented and nothing makes me happier than looking back and seeing where I was and where I am not. It provides me a sense of accomplishment, but more importantly, motivates me for the future. It makes current memories and future ones matter.

Current favorite Brand: During our work trip to Mexico, I discovered these earbuds. I am loving them! And so much more affordable than the apple brand.

Currently Reading: I am part of a book club with my wife and a couple friends. We each have to book a book we have not yet read and one of them has to be a classic. While in the airport, I picked up Faulkner’s “As I Lay Dying”. I have never read any of his works.

Currently on the docket: This month is full of work out of Chicago. We are currently headed to Dallas and Denver this week. In the coming weeks, I will be in Israel, Spain and then Portugal.

But I am currently editing a series of videos for American Heart and trying to wrap up a small documentary called “Code Blue”

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