Make it Matter Series


We all know the feeling. We are momentarily day dreaming when an idea takes hold that gets us excited. Like, when ‘Trump logs onto twitter’ excited. You know… laser focused gittiness. 

Problem is… we have caught the finished product before any work has ever been done. Kind of like Trump… okay, I’ll stop with that horrible metaphor. 

So then the dilemma arises: how do you give form to this really cool idea? If it is media related, your lightbulb moment may lead you to us and you’ve tasked us to breath life into it before it is nothing more than a fragmented memory.

That carries weight.

That is why it matters.

Last year we agreed on a new team slogan Make It Matter. This may sound like an obvious statement, but it really isn’t. Think of the brands you interact with and those you really are loyal to. That’s what we want. Our focus is to make each product, each exchange, or even each hiccup matter. We don’t take the work lightly.

This kicks off a series of videos, photos and blogs that will give you a glimpse into our culture.

Philipe’s current favorite brand : I’m very brand loyal and think of that when I envision our brand. Ask my team and they will tell you that, for me, the first step for us is meaningful customer service. Prompt replies and open dialogue maters, be that internal and externally. That is why I love Peloton. Their products are quality and their customer service is top notch. Celebrated my 1 year and 241 rides with them this past new year’s eve. #iamphilipe

Philipe is currently reading:

The Cuckcoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith

A Field Guide to Whisky: An Expert Compendium to Take Your Passion and Knowledge to the Next Level

Radical Candor: Be A Kickass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity

Last year I read 18 books. My goal is 20 this year… gulp.

Philipe’s current obsession:

Learning about Whiskey…and trying to learn Italian (failed twice before, maybe 3rd time is a charm). 

Currently on the docket: 

Philipe is co-organizing a project to be held in Granada and Valencia with Victoria for March. He is also editing a runway save-the-date for one of their favorite clients, to be released last this month, and of course has his hands in on all the other edits as a sounding board.