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Current favorite Brand: My favorite brand right now and probably will be for a long time to come is Subaru. Not only does Subaru make extraordinary, reliable cars, they also take care of the environment. I know most people wouldn’t describe their exterior design as avant-garde, but I find them to be visually appealing. Subaru is currently working with our national parks to help make them zero landfill. Not only that, but they also make their cars emissions free. Subaru is a true pioneer in terms of auto manufactures dong their part to help our environment. 

Currently Reading: Having our office in Oak Park, and growing up  a stones throw away, I’ve taken an interest in Oak Park’s very own Hemingway. I am currently reading A Farewell to Arms. I am also reading a book about mezcal and its origins and how to properly distinguish  the nuance flavors and complexity of the spirit. I have made it a goal of mine to read one book a month this year.

Current Obsession: I know it might sound cliche but I am currently obsessed with working out. I find going to the gym and hitting the weights therapeutical. 

Currently on the docket: I just found out that our team is heading to Atlanta on Thursday, for the second times in 5 days; so I am getting ready for that. Also, we are supposed to hit a record low of -50 degrees tomorrow, that translates to -45 degrees celsius (expected a more drastic number) for our metric friends abroad. 

Cheers to a new week.

David out

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