MIM Series: Victoria


Happy Monday! Taking a little break to write about what I’m currently into…

Current favorite brand: Patagonia. Although I only own 1 item of theirs so far, I just love their mission and their branding. It’s nice to support a company that focuses so much on trying to better our environment!
Also, loving the brand Care/of, where you take a quiz to personalize supplements that are right for you. Also love their branding!

Currently reading:
My recent trip to Italy inspired me to start reading the biography of Catherine of Siena. It’s so moving and inspiring, and Undset does an incredible job in her storytelling. Also, about to dive into “Woman in the Window” by A.J. Flynn. This may or may not fall into this category - but I love and perpetually listen to NPR Ted Radio Hour with Guy Raz.

Current obsession:
Baking anything from brownies to pies - it’s a form of stress relief for me! Also working on my Italian - goal is to learn a new language by the end of the year. Lastly, just picked up a set of watercolors which I’m pretty excited about. Always loved the combination of pen ink + watercolor and figured I’ll try creating my own pieces!

Currently on the docket: 
Getting ready to head to Atlanta at the end of the week to work on a project with the American Heart Association. Also, designing a microsite for Abbott Labs and prepping the interactive assets for their upcoming conference in Granada, Spain!

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