Wedding Videography: Must or Maybe?

When planning a wedding, many couples wonder if video is really worth it. We understand the initial reaction. A wedding budget easily begins to grow and you begin to think about line items that you can trim, or do without. And with that, video quickly ends up on the cutting room floor.

But your wedding film is much more than a line item. After all the time, effort and financial investment, photography and videography are the only that will allow you to remember everything after that day.

A recent poll found that 35% of brides say that not hiring a wedding videographer is their #1 regret from their wedding day, and 25% of couples that DID hire one wish they had spent more money on one.  (Source 1Source 2Source 3).

Here are some of our reasons why we at Mirar think this is uber important!

1. The Day Flies by. 
You (the couple) have quite a bit going on the big day, and there’s a lot you miss! Like we stated above: you invested a lot into this day and it deserves to be relived. We (the crew) will capture missed moments beautifully, like seeing your grandmother's emotional reaction as you say your vows, your family and friends enjoying cocktail hour, your mother’s reaction to your first dance. These are moments that you'll want to cherish forever.

2. Photography and Videography Are Visually Different
Wedding cinematography captures your love story in a different way visually. It incorporates audio and emotion in a way that photography can’t: Your wedding vows. Your father’s toast. The way your wedding dress flows on you. Grandma’s moves on the dance floor.


Photography offers one means of storytelling, and video another. The ability to see and hear these moments again is priceless. This day needs both. 

3. Relive your Day
The last - and most important reason - is the memories that you’ll get to relive for generations to come. You can find special times to watch it and let the memories come flooding back. Host a viewing bash with your wedding party, or watch it every year on your anniversary. You can watch your videos over and over again, and catch something new every time. Not only will your future self thank you, but your children.



Philipe CarvalhoComment