All Things TRAVEL


In the last 10 years, we’ve been pretty lucky to travel to some pretty cool places around the world for gigs. We understand that on the client side, it might be tough decision whether to hire locally, or fly a crew in. If you dig our style and believe it fits your project’s vision, below are a few tips to help with the decision making process.


If you’ve seen the reel above, you can check out some of the places we’ve been to around the world over the years. We. Love. To. Travel. With years of experience, we’ve overcome obstacles - delayed or cancelled flights, last minute crew changes, technical challenges, etc. Going through challenges has only made us smarter when traveling for gigs, and has us prepared to knock any problem down. Being flexible and adaptable when time is of the essence is a key strength of ours, and each of us is fully capable of switching roles based on a projects needs once in the field. 


We are well equipped with gear that ranges in all sizes. Depending on the gig, we pack minimally to reduce luggage check-ins, but we pack efficiently to make sure we have everything we need. Extra batteries, lenses, cards - we triple check our gear before heading out to make sure we don’t run into any issues.


Dubai. Brazil. Greece. Costa Rica. Mexico. We’ve been around, and the further we go, the more exciting for us! Typically what is included in travel is the plane ticket, hotel, and a minimum daily allowance towards food. We can work with you depending on the project and budget, to make travel fit in. 

We strive on the fact that our clients are our top priority. 

On a recent shoot for GitLab, Philipe and Josel were on their way to a shoot in NYC. During a layover in D.C, their flight to was cancelled due to bad weather - there were NO flights to NYC that night. After speaking with the client, they knew there was little to no leeway in pushing the production schedule due to the talent’s availability. This was in the evening, and the call time was at 5am the next day. The options were slim - but they were set on making it to NYC that night. They booked an AmTrak, but they had to find a way to get the gear off the plan, catch an Uber and reach the train before it departed that night. They hounded United Airlines for the equipment, rode in an Uber for over an hour to the train station, and made it to NYC just past 1am. They were exhausted, but the shoot went beautifully, and the client and talent were happy (final video below). To us, you have to do what you have to do to make a shoot happen! #makeitmatter