Team Culture & Core Values


When it comes to business, especially small businesses, core values are the rules of the game. They define what your practice or company stands for and how you will achieve your vision, together. Here's what is important to us, and what we try to uphold as a team:

1. Over Deliver

We try our best to go up and beyond for our clients. The product matters to us just as much as it does to them. Our clients' satisfaction with the final product we put out is of utmost importance to us.

2. Team over self

We always make sure to help one another out when we need to. If one of us is falling behind, or needs help with something at a shoot, we make sure to drop what we're doing to help another team member. This not only helps our team, but the final product.

3. Do Not Settle

It's important to keep finding inspiration, and not settle when it comes to creativity. As times change, we need to keep up and offer fresh ideas and looks to our clients. We make sure we're always pushing ourselves to think outside of the box.

These 3 values are important in trying to make what we do, matter.

What are some things you do to make your business matter to you AND your clients?