Meet Mirar - Philipe Carvalho

Philipe began Mirar Productions in summer of 2010, in his hometown of San Francisco, CA. 
That same year, he moved his family and business to awesome Chicago. 
He loves editing. 
He likes to watch soccer, play basketball, and go for a swim. 
Brazilian home cooking is the way to his heart.
He is a dad and loves #raisinggirls (Mimi, Gigi, and Charlie-the pup)
He was once held up at gun point as a bank teller. He now lives to tell the story.
When he was 18, he visited over 10 countries - spending time on 4 continents (Europe, Asia, Africa, South America). 
He jumped out of a plane with his wife on their 10 year wedding anniversary.
Here’s a little glimpse into what he does for the team.

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