Video Storytelling: Seeing is Believing

Are you satisfied with how your brand’s story is being told?

Every person, business, and entity has a story. We live in an evolving digital era, with social channels like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter taking the stage. Each of these are fast becoming the go-to place for exposing your story and your brand. For businesses, storytelling gives you an opportunity to show the world who you are and why your product or service is worth it. 

Here are 3 ways in which short, digital videos can impact your business:

Viewers Get to Know You
Consumers appreciate insight into the core of a company. We like seeing behind-the-scenes. We get to see who you are on a genuine, personal level, allowing us to better connect and engage with you. Today, the internet has transformed how we look to satisfy our wants and needs. Quick google searches and reviews become the norm on getting a business’s first impression. A short video gives businesses the opportunity to provide useful information to a prospective customer. It showcases personal side of what drives you and your business. Consumers love to support a story, especially if they can witness your passion first hand!

Reaches a Wide Audience
Thanks to social media, you can use one video to tell your story across numerous marketing channels. You have the ability to share it on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc., or embed it as a landing page video on your website. This guarantees consistency and flexibility - and can prove powerful if done right.

Cost Effective and More Effective As Opposed to TV Commercials
Over the past 5 years, US consumption of TV has fallen 5%. Web media has increased by 17% (source). Based on this, the significance of using online video to promote your business really comes to light. TV commercials are able to reach the masses, but online videos engage them - at a significantly lower price tag. With a short video, you can run a campaign for $2000 or $200,000 and stop whenever you want; whereas, TV ads must be bought in expensive segments.

What more can you do to tell your brand’s story? Consumers want to see what you’re all about, and why you do what you do. Exposing your business by through digital storytelling is a form of communication that can elicit strong emotions among your audience and create personal connections with consumers. Video is about more than advertising - it’s a conversation.